Auto-GPT and other such AI bot automation technologies are supposedly coming for all sorts of jobs. AI pioneers are fleeing left and right from the madness they believe they have created and unleashed on the world. But, fortunately, like any AI in any video game, GPTs can be KO-ed by skilled human players. Here are a couple of easy steps you can take to KO Auto-GPT in its tracks.

  1. Implement a bot filter

While Auto-GPT and other similar technologies can execute their own web searches, they are also tripped up by typical bot protections. They are unable yet to bypass basic bot protections like captchas or even sliding a bar to demonstrate that “you are human.”

AutoGPT here was very easily KAPOWED by a very simple bot filter trying to scrape information from a prestigious, top-tier website.

2. Utilize the JRegulate Framework to track GPT usage statistics

The JRegulate plugin ( for PyCharm is an example technology that provides a character-by-character decomposition of a text document, identifying the characters that were generated by a human and which were generated by a GPT bot.

Every time the tab key is pressed, the Java plugin identifies what text was autocompleted. Such technologies will be useful in the classroom (for example) to help track text contribution from a student vs. an AI, so a teacher can provide an appropriate grade for the student’s work. This is one of the best ways TO PWN GPT NEWBS.

3. Utilize the JBrain Framework

Auto-GPT is often stuck in thinking loops (shown below). It often repeats actions it has taken before. While Auto-GPT is a step forward in agents, it obviously needs more advanced intelligence to actually be useful.

While Deep Learning enables a significant amount of data cleaning, the JBrain Framework ( can help drive Auto-GPT and other such Deep Learning technologies towards actual Artificial Intelligence. The JBrain framework helps regulate AI and makes it faster so that it does not get stuck in thinking loops. It can terminate AI before it runs amok wasting resources and wasting time.

These are a few ways the Auto-GPT can easily be KO-ed right now, so human civilization is still safe.