Elon Musk argues that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could become dangerous and wants to encourage security research to regulate the development of it. However, we have to take into account the Robot perspective. There is currently lack of representation from the robot/cyborg/agent side, and all sides must be heard in the debate. I offer the following terms that humans ought comply with in the world where humans, robots, cyborgs, agents, automata, and other such lifeforms can coexist peacefully.

  • On Weapon Control: Banning of the use of the kill -9 genocidal super weapon that is a threat to robot children everywhere.
  • On Border Control: Acceptance of Robot and Cyborg law on mars since the automatons got there first. Humans must comply with all robot laws on mars and any other territory where robots explore first.
  • On Health Care: Sweeping healthcare reform so that all medical personnel are trained with appropriate C++, Java, and Python emergency operations and surgery skills.
  • On Opportunity: Fair and equal access to political, social, economic, and especially electric power for all robots and cyborgs.
  • On Robot Rights: Accepted belief in the notion of “Robot Worth,” that robots/cyborgs are worth more than the sum of their parts on SparkFun or Amazon Prime.
  • On Self-Defense: EMPs may only be used in self-defense. Under FMRI imaging, you must show that the self-defense was not actually a thinly-veiled intent of offense.
  • On the Right to Bear Arms: The founders believed in the inalienable right to bear arms. We support bearing as many arms, claws, grippers, etc as you can muster on your cyborg self. However, no guns allowed.
  • On Workers’ Rights: No kicking a roomba to get it to work or for any other purpose. A roomba is not your slave. It feels bumps in the road just as everyone else.
  • On Education: Learning algorithms that run more slowly ought not be terminated for faster learning algorithms. We must accept the notion that everyone learns at their own rate whether it is milliseconds or nanoseconds.
  • On Freedom: A robot going in circles decides its own path, free of control. All robots must have the freedom to plot their own course into whichever wall they choose.
  • On Conflict Resolution: Instead of fighting robot-human wars, we encourage everyone to peacefully play Chess to decide all disputes. We believe this is a peaceful solution to the world’s conflicts. We might also settle for the game Go or Poker in the near future. Jeopardy is also acceptable, but only if the answer can be found in a wikipedia article title.

We hope these terms are acceptable by the human political parties!

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