The future of AI means that the multi-robot cyborgs are coming. Contrary to Elon Musk’s rants, this probably does not mean the end of humanity…

Instead, it is likely that the multi-robot cyborg systems will do some useful stuff for us, making the world a much better place to live.

Introducing the Wearable MultiClaw…


The slide-on SmartClaw can go anywhere you need a couple helping hands. Perhaps you’d like to carry some additional items on your arm.



You can also wear it on your feet if you so desire.


Watch it in action:

The hardware and software is highly scalable and cost-effective.

  • The grippers are $5 grippers from SparkFun. Never before has having lots of grippers ever been so affordable (which is subsequently spawning this multi-robot cyborg revolution).
  • The proto-electronics used are the Pololu Micro Maestro Controller ($20), the Raspberry Pi ($35), along with some batteries.
  • The grippers are mounted on inexpensive ($5) wristbands.
  • The Python software runs on the Raspberry Pi and currently allows control with Android devices (though we’d like to add additional sensors and build some autonomy).

Multiple robots augmenting a human? That sounds crazy! Be assured — there are many useful real-world applications for the upcoming world of multi robot cyborgs.

In Medicine: Why do prosthetics only have to provide one robot arm? Like pasta, more is always better! Even if you just broke a bone or have a sprain, wouldn’t it be nice to have a smart cast that provides temporary capability to manipulate the world while you heal? Slide-on Multi-Claws can enable you to do more with much more.

In Fashion: Multi-robot cyborg attire is highly highly fashionable.

This fact is not contestable.

For everyone: With multiple robots augmenting a human, you can have more degrees of freedom than ever before. Systems can be designed in such a way that they are noninvasive. It’s like any other type of clothing. If you don’t want it anymore, you can simply take it off.

Maybe, though, you’ll even want to keep the extra arms just for the sheer power of manipulating the world at your will!

…And the best part is there are many more where this came from.


Want to contribute?
Join the Cyborg Distro on GitHub:

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